Because of the floodplains which are nearby, the Soil is efficiently fertilized and most of the water supply prices are substantially reduced. The climate is great for the plantation using large average air temperatures. There is also a relatively cheap energy for agricultural producers. The place was chosen very well and can be the powerful benefit of this project.

The banana business

They concentrate on their farm around the banana known as “Finger Lady”, and it can be among the most required and best-valued species. About the 100 hectares, they’re ready to plant 361,600 bushes. After all of the calculations that the benefit of single harvest can grant even $4,520,000. And it’s all provided the cost per kilo is at $1 and as we can see the graph it could go up to $4 depending on the season and the need. They wish to concentrate their export on the Chinese marketplace and typically trade in the Asia. The exports of bananas to China increased from 42% in 2011-2012 to 88% in 2014-2015. And it seems like this tendency is steadily and constantly increasing.

The token and it’s price

Bananacoin (BCO) is an Ethereum based token. This usually means you’ll have the ability to keep it at any regular Ethereum wallet. It’ll be tradable on several different exchanges. The fascinating characteristic of the token is the fact that it’s market price is indicated from the food market’s cost of a kilogram of bananas. It may sound funny for an investor to expect a banana with their money, however when we consider the stats we can observe that over the previous 7 years, the cost of 1 kg of bananas has been increasing by 4-10% per year, making it not just a stable and secure investment but also a steadily growing one. Not only the token will work as a tradable asset. however, it also makes the owner eligible to have the profit share of the project execution.

Pre-ICO phase

They plan to sell 1 million BCO tokens to your initial cost of $0.25 per one token.

The banana team


The staff consist of different people with all the vital abilities for the implementation of these project. There are individuals with years of expertise from the agro-industrial area, good advertising group and people aimed on the trading relationship with China.

Moreover, they behave really professional and need to offer as much transparency for their business as you can. A job investor may even see their plantation to observe how his money has already been invested. Very superior strategy and attention for the satisfaction of investors. It is always fantastic to realize that the programmers care about their fans. They’ve provided powerful whitepapers and business plan. All of the information regarding the business is readily researchable.

Potential risks

Taking everything into account we could presume that is a very secure job to invest money. There are not any many significant drawbacks due to the fact that they’ve already built the farm, there’s a good deal of cash to be made from it and they would like to expand their support on the bigger scale. They’re coming into the Chinese marketplace that reveals enormous need and imports many bananas. The token’s cost will stay quite stable since it is dependent upon the actual cost of a kilogram, which does not change immediately. Naturally, there are also possible losses that might happen if something awful happens to the farm or even the return occurs to be modest, but all these are unpredictable scenarios or controllable ones.

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